IOUOI is an application that was launched in 2008 when the Apple AppStore launched. It allows you to track your borrowing and lending activity The application was recently (2021 December) updated with support for larger screens, dark mode, Face ID and with a simplified user experience.

Wines List is a must have application for an experienced Wine Collector as well as a novice collector who is just starting out.

Planted - Is an application that allow you to manage your UML diagrams created using


Timesince - Is an application that allow you to track time since critical events in your life.


Wines List

A perfect app for Wine Collectors


Easy to use interface. Six simple buttons allow you to add a wine to your collection, browse your wines collection browse your collection by the vintage year, or search for information on a bottle by scanning the bar code.


Keep track of who borrowed that thing from you, or whose drill saw is this?


Beautifully designed user interface for simply keeping track of the borrowing or lending activity. Nicely works with dark mode to allow you to get the most out of features of your phone.

Track items by pictures

Capture multiple images of the items being borrowed or being lend

Security & Privacy

Data is stored on your device and never leaves the application. The application can be secured by using a passcode, or using the biometrics on your device, like touch ID and face ID.

Free to Use

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